Neighborhood and City

Our hostel is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood, ideal for a relaxing break.

A 2 minute walk will bring you to Santander Avenue, the main drag of the city where
you’ll find some of the major tourist attractions in the “Cable” area, like the old cable-
railway tower. Around the Cable area, you can sit and watch the famously beautiful
sunsets of the city. The great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was so enthralled by our city’s
spectacular sunsets that he hailed Manizales as the “Sunset Factory.” You can also
enjoy our museums, bars, parks, boutiques, movie theaters, and the Juan Valdez coffee
shop, where you can drink the best Arabica coffee in the world, just over the mountains
from where it is produced.

From the Cable area, a 10-15 minute taxi or a bus ride takes you to the historic
downtown. Less than 1 hour away from the city are fascinating coffee plantations,
lovely rivers and awesome mountains that form the biocultural coffee ecosystem which
has been postulated as a UNESCO world heritage site. You can also admire snow-
capped mountains in the Los Nevados Park, bathe in healing thermal springs, practice
adventure sports in ecological reserves, do some prime birdwatching in the world’s
bird-richest country or just relax and enjoy nature.

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